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‘Hyrule Warriors’ Review



Hey, it’s that thing I talked about a couple months ago. It’s probably a good sign that. I was too busy having fun with this game to get to the review right away.

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A General Thing About ‘Nintendo’s Digital Event’ at E3


The Electronic Entertainment Expo has come, and once again I find myself unable to attend.  Since I’m not exactly a hardcore gamer (a fact evidenced by my utter lack of posts on anything game related until this point), this isn’t too big of a bummer.  And yet, as one of the five people on planet Earth who owns a Wii U, Nintendo’s newest look at their upcoming games for the system was quite enticing.  And so  here I go, attempting to lay out my thoughts on what’s new, and by extension why I think Nintendo is winning the current stretch of the console race from a quality standpoint.

Because I can.

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