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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ review

Gaurdians of the galaxy poster



Onto the bandwagon I go!

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Requested Review: WALL-E


Wall-E poster




Allow me to forego all possible professionalism for just a second.   …Again.

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Adaptation Comparison: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy

Cover - Hitchhikers Guide                   VS.           Hitchikers movie poster

And here’s the first thing I wrote with Galaxy in the title.


Introducing what’s bound to become a common occurrence on the site: the adaptation comparison.  In these posts, I’ll be performing a side-by-side analysis of two separate depictions of the same work (usually the most popular or most easily accessible).  Because of this, the ‘Plot’ sections of these posts may be more spoiler-heavy than my average reviews.


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Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Analysis

This is the second thing in a row that I’ve written about with Galaxy in the Title.  Go figure. Read the rest of this entry