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Further Thoughts On ‘Steven Universe’


I was hesitant to talk about this show again so quickly after the first time, but then I decided that I had a lot to say about occurrences that came up after my review.

Not necessarily anything substantial to say, but a lot.

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‘Hyrule Warriors’ Review



Hey, it’s that thing I talked about a couple months ago. It’s probably a good sign that. I was too busy having fun with this game to get to the review right away.

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‘Kirby and the Amazing Mirror’ Review

Kirby mirror


Here are two firsts.  On the one hand, this is my first video game review.  On the other, this is also the first negative review I’ve given in a little while.

Great first impression, I guess.


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A General Thing About ‘Nintendo’s Digital Event’ at E3


The Electronic Entertainment Expo has come, and once again I find myself unable to attend.  Since I’m not exactly a hardcore gamer (a fact evidenced by my utter lack of posts on anything game related until this point), this isn’t too big of a bummer.  And yet, as one of the five people on planet Earth who owns a Wii U, Nintendo’s newest look at their upcoming games for the system was quite enticing.  And so  here I go, attempting to lay out my thoughts on what’s new, and by extension why I think Nintendo is winning the current stretch of the console race from a quality standpoint.

Because I can.

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