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‘Two Characters In Search of An Exit’

Simon awoke in an unfamiliar room.  His first instinct was to panic.  He bolted upright, eyes darting around his surroundings.  The room was very, very red.  Red, pod-like chairs.  Red, featureless doors.  Hanging from the ceiling above him was a bright light.

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‘Reminders of Things That Weren’t’, by me

Alex walked up to the lonely old house, making certain not to trip over any shrubbery on the way to the front.  It had been difficult enough to see with his crudely homemade sock-ski mask, but the fog surrounding the sparse neighborhood was enough to make him consider buying a pair of night goggles.


Nonsense, he thought to himself, night goggles were much too expensive.  If he’d had money to pay for those, he certainly he wouldn’t be robbing houses for free stuff.  Still, night goggles sounded like a cool investment.  If he were to run across a pair, he’d have to remember to take it.


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“An Experiment in Understanding”, by Me

I know Jeff isn’t the easiest guy to get along with.  But I realized a long time ago that wasn’t his fault.

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Rapunzel, by Me

A short story by me.  Read if you dare!

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