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‘The “Christmas” Spirit’, by Me

Christmas thing

The Christmas Spirit is all too easy to come by Read the rest of this entry

“Run, Don’t Run”, by me

You’re at a show, and she’s in it, and he’s in it

But you don’t know who either of them are.


Her, along with her partner- is that the right word?

Yeah, her partner

They continue to twist each other like bendy straws.

It looks a might strange.


Their arms are different sizes, and it’s distracting

Symmetry is the point, at least it seems.

Every pair performs the same, without a noticeable difference.

But really, the arms…


Is that bubble wrap you hear pop in the background?

Nope, wait, sounds like a giant killer insect.

You’re sure it’s an instrument of some kind, probably digital.

That was a dumb thought.


You start thinking about colors, for some reason

The red surrounds things, overtakes them all

Yet they all wear unassuming, dull colors.


A lesser man would have made a crude little joke-

Concerning the men straddling each other in a dark room.

But you’re above that


The show ends, and you’re not really sure how to feel.

It was a cool thing that happened.  The end.