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Frozen, Disney, and True Love

True love or something
So everyone in the universe has seen ‘Frozen’ at this point.  Among a majority of the film’s positive reviews (including my own), one of the most common points of raise was the theme of subverting clichés associated with the House of Mouse.

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Plot vs Story

Plot and story/storytelling are two separate things.  This is a concept that I don’t see many people think about, and even making the distinction between the two isn’t something that many take the time to do.

Yet, I feel it’s important, when analyzing your feelings toward a work to not conflate the two things.  With that in mind, how exactly are they different, and how exactly do they relate?




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When Is Something ‘Objectively Bad’?

And also something or other about this movie.

And also something or other about this movie.


Something I’ve been thinking about recently is what we mean when we say that something is ‘bad’ or ‘good’.

For a piece of art in particular, we tend to see ‘good’ and ‘bad’ as concepts that are universally agreed upon.  When someone admits to liking a film, book, still image or Television show that is largely considered ‘bad’, we all tend to operate under the idea that liking said things are ok, so long as it’s lack of quality is still acknowledged.

I am just as guilty as anyone of calling a work ‘bad’ or ‘good’, but the question remains; Are there universal, definitive standards by which a work can be judged?

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A General Thing About ‘Nintendo’s Digital Event’ at E3


The Electronic Entertainment Expo has come, and once again I find myself unable to attend.  Since I’m not exactly a hardcore gamer (a fact evidenced by my utter lack of posts on anything game related until this point), this isn’t too big of a bummer.  And yet, as one of the five people on planet Earth who owns a Wii U, Nintendo’s newest look at their upcoming games for the system was quite enticing.  And so  here I go, attempting to lay out my thoughts on what’s new, and by extension why I think Nintendo is winning the current stretch of the console race from a quality standpoint.

Because I can.

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Doctor Who: Why Eleven’s Regeneration blows Ten’s Out of The Water

10 to 1111 to 12

AKA finally following up on that thing I said I’d do over here.  AKA another excuse to rant about ‘The End Of Time’.  Let’s go.


Also, spoilers.

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What’s the Deal with “First Kiss”?

So a woman gathers a bunch of strangers together to make on camera and everyone on the Internet is eating it up?  Then again the woman has more than three vowels in her name and it was filmed in black & white, so it probably has some deeper meaning.

I suppose I can give it a crack.

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The Ups & Downs of “Spontaneous Prose”

Jack Kerouac

I wrote a thing about writing.  How meta.


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A General Thing About The Oscars



The Oscars have come and gone, and while I must admit a large part of me was looking forward to ribbing the whole affair as the joke that many people have come to see it as, I must admit I can’t complain too much about what just went down.

I’d intended to make a “Top 5 Oscar Mistakes” or something, but most, if not all, of the winners were the ones I predicted if not the ones I agreed with.  So I can’t really make a negative list without getting into incredibly petty stuff, like actors flubbing their lines like human beings.

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Adaptation Comparison: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy

Cover - Hitchhikers Guide                   VS.           Hitchikers movie poster

And here’s the first thing I wrote with Galaxy in the title.


Introducing what’s bound to become a common occurrence on the site: the adaptation comparison.  In these posts, I’ll be performing a side-by-side analysis of two separate depictions of the same work (usually the most popular or most easily accessible).  Because of this, the ‘Plot’ sections of these posts may be more spoiler-heavy than my average reviews.


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Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Analysis

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