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‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Review

Days of Future Past poster




The X-Men film franchise has spanned seven films over the course of 14 years, and has been, to say the least, very polarizing.  From my viewpoint, every film in the series bar one has been at least entertaining.


But with this film offering what may be the definitive end to the franchise, it’s in everyone’s best interests that this series goes out with a bang.
Does it?  Let’s find out.
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Requested Review: WALL-E


Wall-E poster




Allow me to forego all possible professionalism for just a second.   …Again.

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Doctor Who: Why Eleven’s Regeneration blows Ten’s Out of The Water

10 to 1111 to 12

AKA finally following up on that thing I said I’d do over here.  AKA another excuse to rant about ‘The End Of Time’.  Let’s go.


Also, spoilers.

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