What’s the Deal with “First Kiss”?

So a woman gathers a bunch of strangers together to make on camera and everyone on the Internet is eating it up?  Then again the woman has more than three vowels in her name and it was filmed in black & white, so it probably has some deeper meaning.

I suppose I can give it a crack.

The first thing to note about this is of course that the idea itself is really weird, but the intent is easy to guess; show the inherent interconnectivity of people by getting them to partake in something awkward together.  Not just something awkward, but something that symbolizes closeness and love.  It’s simple enough, I suppose.

“Love thy fellow man” has been a creed of artists for centuries and what better way to exemplify that than with people who don’t know each other doing something so intimate?  It’s essentially the same as filming one of those trust exercises where people fall into each other’s arms, only taken to extremes and made much more sentimental.

I say ‘sentimental’, because unlike something like sex, or other forms of romantic expression to belay “experience”, a first kiss is usually something associated with innocence.  In this day and age especially, not having been kissed at least once implies that you’re either particularly young or one if those people who view romantic expression as something to be shared with those trust and feel close towards, after a healthy amount of consideration.

To arrange a kiss between strangers may just be a way of unveiling an inherent closeness and trust amongst all people.  Not only did people decide to go through with this, but many of them appear to have enjoyed it despite initial awkwardness, showing that even amongst people you don’t know, there’s nothing to be lost in a pure display of affection.

Because this interpretation gives me a bit more faith in humanity, I’m gonna go with it.  Even if it’s origin lies firmly in my rear

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