A General Thing About The Oscars



The Oscars have come and gone, and while I must admit a large part of me was looking forward to ribbing the whole affair as the joke that many people have come to see it as, I must admit I can’t complain too much about what just went down.

I’d intended to make a “Top 5 Oscar Mistakes” or something, but most, if not all, of the winners were the ones I predicted if not the ones I agreed with.  So I can’t really make a negative list without getting into incredibly petty stuff, like actors flubbing their lines like human beings.


In lieu of that, I’ve decided to simply make a general “thing”, going over my personal thoughts about this year’s ceremony as a whole.


Starting off positive, kudos to “12 Years a Slave” for ultimately going home with the gold.  The more cynical among us would probably say that the race-fueled subject matter would’ve made the Academy nervous about the prospect of not letting this one have a “gimme prize”, but I like to think that it was the merit of the film that gained it the win.  That and “Her” winning ‘Best Original Screenplay’ warms my heart like a furnace.


12 ears a slave


However, if I may be negative for a moment, let me just get out of the way what will inevitably be my biggest pet peeve of this year’s ceremony for years to come.  That of course is Despicable Me 2 getting a ‘Best Animated’ nomination and Monsters University, for some reason, not.


The short version: Despicable Me 2 was by far the most mediocre animated movie to come out of 2013, and is a sequel to a movie that was only slightly less mediocre to begin with.  Monsters University, however, was completely ignored, despite being leagues above last year’s PIXAR entry.


Yeah, your day is coming.

Yeah, your day is coming.


I wouldn’t have had a problem with it if ‘Frozen’, the inevitable winner, actually had any competition that wasn’t foreign.


Frozen also predictably won best original song with ‘Let it Go’, because let’s face it, when it comes to bombastic musical numbers every time, Disney WILL steal the show.  That’s just what it does.


On another note, Lupito Nyong’o is, in my eyes, this year’s Anne Hathaway, complete with a brilliant performance and a sincere, heartfelt speech that results in a ton of unnecessarily bitter backlash.


After much analysis, I’ve also confirmed that Leonardo DiCaprio is this year’s Leonardo DiCaprio, going home empty handed yet again.


I think Gravity rather deserved its wins for best Editing, Visual Effects, Directing, and Cinematography, since if nothing else, that film looked bloody brilliant.  Whether it deserved best Original Score is up in the air, but even that’s admirable.


It was a bit sad to see “The Wolf of Wall Street” go home empty handed, but that was evened out by American Hustle (aka, The Most Boring Film I’ve Seen In A While) suffer the same fate.


Getting back to the ceremony itself, before we close out, I’ve officially decided that it’s just not possible for me to find Ellen DeGeneres unfunny, even if pizza and twitter jokes don’t exactly do it for me.


To end, I found the 86th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony to be…surprisingly passable.

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  1. I think MU came out to early like The Butler>:( 😦

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