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Requested Review: “You Got Served”


What time is it?


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‘Reminders of Things That Weren’t’, by me

Alex walked up to the lonely old house, making certain not to trip over any shrubbery on the way to the front.  It had been difficult enough to see with his crudely homemade sock-ski mask, but the fog surrounding the sparse neighborhood was enough to make him consider buying a pair of night goggles.


Nonsense, he thought to himself, night goggles were much too expensive.  If he’d had money to pay for those, he certainly he wouldn’t be robbing houses for free stuff.  Still, night goggles sounded like a cool investment.  If he were to run across a pair, he’d have to remember to take it.


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What’s the Deal with “First Kiss”?

So a woman gathers a bunch of strangers together to make on camera and everyone on the Internet is eating it up?  Then again the woman has more than three vowels in her name and it was filmed in black & white, so it probably has some deeper meaning.

I suppose I can give it a crack.

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The Ups & Downs of “Spontaneous Prose”

Jack Kerouac

I wrote a thing about writing.  How meta.


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A General Thing About The Oscars



The Oscars have come and gone, and while I must admit a large part of me was looking forward to ribbing the whole affair as the joke that many people have come to see it as, I must admit I can’t complain too much about what just went down.

I’d intended to make a “Top 5 Oscar Mistakes” or something, but most, if not all, of the winners were the ones I predicted if not the ones I agreed with.  So I can’t really make a negative list without getting into incredibly petty stuff, like actors flubbing their lines like human beings.

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Doctor Who Review: ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ & ‘Day of The Moon’

The Eleventh Doctor, US President

In this episode, The Doctor visits America.  He also gets shot to death.  Coincidence?  I think not.

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