Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Analysis

This is the second thing in a row that I’ve written about with Galaxy in the Title.  Go figure.

As part of the next phase in Marvel Comic’s ‘Cinematic Universe’, the trailer for their upcoming film “Guardians of the Galaxy” was released yesterday.

The trailer depicts a comical introduction to the film’s eponymous group; Drax, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Quill (or “Starlord” as he prefers).

I haven’t read any of the Guardians of the Galaxy comics, my only experience with the team being a guest role on “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” and many shameful hours of “Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3”.  This being the case, I was one of many who were worried that this property was too outlandish to work as a film, or at the very least, fit in with the rest of the MCU.

This is coming from the same person who had a similar expectation of Thor before those fears were thoroughly dashed.

At this point, MCU films are just an excuse to print money, and the odds of this film being an exception are slim.  The film promises to have at least as many laughs as any previous film.

The trailer features several tidbits and characters that fans of the comic will be quick to pick up on.  Of particular note however are John C. Riley as the officer expositing on the Guardians, and Benicio del Toro in a split second appearance as The Collector.  The latter is noteworthy as it was set up in Thor 2.  The former is noteworthy because I love John C. Riley.

While this trailer is pretty cool, part of me hopes it’s mostly a teaser.  Having the same scene in the actual film would be a very clunk and lazy way to get their characters across.

With that scene being the one with the most focus (the rest being your typical quick cut action trailer sequence), I’m going to wait for more footage before going into complete hype mode.

The cast of the film includes Chris Pratt (whose latest starring role I reviewed here), David Batista (who’ll probably put this on his résumé sooner than Scorpion King 3), Bradley Cooper (who may or may not still be able to pick up ladies as a raccoon), Vin Diesel (who hopefully uses his Iron Giant voice), and Zoe Saldana (who hopefully won’t have to carry a gun three times her size like in “Columbiana” and “The Losers”)

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