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The Wolverine Review


So, the Wolverine just came out.  I saw it.  You can probably imagine that I was somewhat hesitant to do so, being one of the unfortunate many who subjected themselves to that OTHER Wolverine movie.

Despite one or two elements carried over from that movie, however, this film stands on its own without it being necessary to have seen the previous films in the franchise.

So, how well does it stand?  I have my own ideas…

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Pacific Rim review: Evangelion meets Independence Day


So, after a few minutes of due consideration, I’ve decided to bite the proverbial chocolate-laced-cyanide-pill and see Pacific Rim in theaters.  Here I go over my experience watching the movie; going over the flaws, the merits, and my own subjective feelings toward the film as a whole, hopefully avoiding major spoilers.  Grab your Gundams and your plush Godzillas, because we begin in 3…2…1

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Art, or, Why the Still Image is Inherently Confusing

I am probably the last person you should ask about Art.

Okay, that’s exaggerating a bit.  Maybe I should start over.

After all, art comes in many different forms.  If you were to point me at a film, or a book, or a song, I could undoubtedly tell you in at least some amount of detail why it works as a piece of expressionism.  I could present and dissect its flaws and merits, point out its objective feats as well as analyze how it works subjectively and why.  The one art form for which this seems incredibly difficult, however, is the one that is probably what every one of you reading this associates most with the term “art”.  I am of course referring to paintings and sculptures.

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